Rinjiro Shirata


(29 March 1912-29 May 1993). 9th dan Aikikai (1972). Awarded 10th dan posthumously. Aikikai Shihan. B. Oyamura, Yamagata Prefecture. From a family of OMOTO believers whose mother practiced AIKI BUDO at a dojo of the BUDO SENYOKAI in Japanese-occupied Manchuria. Entered the KOBUKAN DOJO in 1933 and was known for his exceptional physical strength. Shirata was later dispatched to Osaka where he taught until his induction into the Japan Imperial Army. Shirata he resumed teaching c. 1960 continuing until shortly before his death. He supervised publication of the 1984 book in English, Aikido: The Way of Harmony by John STEVENS (see bibl. ). Interviewed AN#62-63.

Encyclopedia of Aikido [SHIRATA, RINJIRO]


Aikido Rinjiro Shirata Sensei


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