Morihiro Saito


Morihiro Saito (斎藤守弘) (March 31, 1928 - May 13, 2002) was an aikido teacher with many students around the world. He began his aikido training under the founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, in Iwama in 1946 after having practiced some kendo, judo and karate. Although other students such as Koichi Tohei trained with Ueshiba for more years than Saito did, Saito's work allowed him to train almost as an uchideshi, for long periods as the only student. From 1946 until Ueshiba’s passing in 1969, Saito Sensei served as Ueshiba's assistant in a variety of ways at Iwama while his wife served Mrs. Ueshiba. During Saito sensei’s period as a deshi he taught classes in the Iwama dojo. Before his death Ueshiba gave Morihiro Saito the responsibility of carrying on the teaching at the Iwama dojo and also the position of caretaker of the Aiki Jinja located in Iwama. Morihiro Saito died on 2002-05-13 of cancer.

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