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Aikido master Hitohiro Saito (斎藤 仁弘; Saitō Hitohiro) is the son and successor of Morihiro Saito. Hitohiro was born at 12 February 1957 and raised in the dojo of Morihei Ueshiba the founder of Aikido. At age of seven, he started to learn Aikido from Ueshiba who cared for him as a grandson. After Ueshiba died in 1969, he continued his practice with his father. Saito became official instructor of the Iwama dojo in 1986 and remained so until 2004 the year he separated from the Aikikai organization, and formed his own group called Iwama Shin Shin Aikishuren Kai. Years before his father's death, Hitohiro took over the main work at the founders' dojo and Shrine of Aiki "Aiki Jinja", thus relieving his aging father of the great amount of work required in running the dojo. His father spent his last years taking care of the vegetable gardens and travelling abroad for seminars. The main teaching of the dojo was passed to master Hitohiro's hands and remained so until 2004.

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Hitohiro Saito

hitohiro saito
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